Special Education at Geo Focus Academy

Special Education at Geo Focus Academy

GEO Focus Academy (GFA) embraces the opportunity to serve all students.

Our school offers a special education program to help your student get the support they need to thrive in school and beyond.

The program supports students who are eligible through an incoming IEP/ISP or evaluation report. GFA welcomes the opportunity to serve students with special needs. We exclusively use the K12 curriculum and believe it is vital that the parent and student recognize that this robust curriculum is used exclusively with and without the support of a special education teacher. The frequency and duration of the virtual support from the special education teacher will be defined during the Choice Special Education Plan (CSEP) meeting.

Any student enrolling with speech/language or occupational therapy listed in his/her IEP, will receive virtual services as determined by the CSEP team.

Request for Parent/Guardian Interpreter Services or Disability Accommodations